A new future for publications

This is a brief introduction for The DeSci Journal Handbook

Redefine how you publish!

Imagine a future of scientific publishing that is more intuitive, faster, and more accessible than ever before. A future where knowledge knows no bounds, and anyone with a passion for discovery can become a driving force in the realm of research. This new form of publishing is a beacon of inspiration, a revolution in the way we share and fund our ideas. It paves the way for researchers to be the masters of their own destiny, where the limits of imagination set the only boundaries. With rapid dissemination, reduced costs, and the incredible potential to self-fund your research, this vision holds the promise of a scientific world where innovation thrives, barriers crumble, and every curious mind can be a catalyst for change. In this future, publishing is not just about sharing knowledge; it's about empowering the dreamers, the thinkers, and the doers to shape the world in ways we've only dared to dream. Welcome to the dawn of a new era in scientific publishing, where inspiration and innovation flow freely, unburdened by constraints, and where the collective brilliance of humanity shines brighter than ever before.
Purpose of the Handbook: The primary aim of this handbook is to provide authors with clear and concise instructions to navigate The DeSci Journal platform. It offers a roadmap to help authors prepare, submit, and understand the publication process, promoting successful and impactful contributions to their respective fields. Here is a breakdown of the 10 (ten) sections within this Handbook, accompanied by concise explanations for each.
Title: The DeSci Journal Handbook
A new future for publications. This section is a brief introduction and welcomes Authors to a new future for publications, giving the advantages of using the platform.
Understanding the Submission Process. This section explains the submission process, from creating an account to submitting a manuscript, and offers insights into peer review, publication, and authorship. This section also delves into the rights and responsibilities of authors, including right to data, ethical considerations, proper attribution and plagiarism.
Peer Review. Authors can learn about the peer review process, from submission to editorial decisions, and understand the key steps from manuscript submission to publication.
Tracking your submission. Our platform provides Authors with an integrated Manuscript Tracking, Status Updates, and Discussion feature, enabling real-time tracking of submission progress and fostering effective communication between Authors and Reviewers. Authors can conveniently monitor their manuscript's journey, while collaborative discussions ensure efficient and organized manuscript improvements during the revision process, enhancing the overall publishing experience.
Payments. The platform accepts payments in fiat currencies (BRL, EUR, USD) and digital currencies (USDC, DAI, ETH, BTC) for manuscript submission and purchases. Some payment methods may not be available in the initial platform version, but additional options will be introduced for faster payment processing as payment gateways are improved. Fiat currencies are government-backed legal tender, while digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies, rely on cryptographic techniques for security. Credit cards can be used for fiat currency payments
Editorial decision. In the editorial decision-making process, the editor reviews feedback and may accept the manuscript, request revisions, or, in rare instances, reject it. The editor's role as the final decision-maker ensures a comprehensive and fair assessment, drawing on both reviewer input and their expertise to guide manuscripts toward publication.
Publishing. Authors receive proofs for review before publication, granting them the final say and a 48-hour window for adjustments to ensure their work aligns with their vision. Furthermore, our platform prioritizes author empowerment by granting 100% copyright ownership, allowing authors full control over their content and respecting their creative and intellectual rights.
Celebrating your achievements. After your paper is published, we closely monitor its performance, tracking metrics like likes, comments, shares, and purchases to assess the impact of your research. It's important to emphasize that this impact reflects your work and expertise, not the journal's, underlining our commitment to recognizing and celebrating authors' contributions. You can conveniently track this impact in real-time through your personalized author's dashboard on our platform, providing a comprehensive view of your research's influence within the scholarly community.
Additional Resources. A quick guide on articles' styles. Authors will find valuable resources, such as formatting guidelines, to aid them in the publication journey.
Author-centric evolution. Shaping the future with you. The conclusion wraps up the handbook, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the author-editor relationship and expressing appreciation for authors' contributions to the world of scholarly technical and scientific publishing.
Welcome to The DeSci Journal!
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